Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Introduction.


I created this blog as my TTC diary; the place where I kept the records of all treatment that we (my husband and I) have gone and will do for TTC.

This is the place where I can meet those who is in the same boat with me, those who can lend me their eyes, ears and strength.

This blog will be the place for my HAPPINESS, SADNESS, SUCCESS and FAILURES. I will keep on trying and praying and I believe I will have my own child. Not too soon, not too late. It will come at the right time. InsyaAllah.

So u guys can call me ILY, and this is MY OWN TTC STORY..

Ok, bye!


  1. Dear Ily, still remember your words? 'keep on trying and praying..' so don't give up Ily!akak juga masih berusaha walau telah lebih 6 tahun..Allah Knows Best kan.

  2. Dear sis ily, awak kuat. Sy baru 2thn 1bulan kahwin, tiap kali period mesti nangis. Mungkin sebab saya terlalu berharap. Sy pun sedar, sy telah masuk dalam geng ttc. Jum kita doa sama2 dibulan ramadhan ini.. salam perkenalan sis ily dr zakiah :)